Indsur Gears Ltd, India

Indsur Gears is custom gear manufacturing company that specializes in transmission gears, worm gears, spur gears, and helical gears. Since inception, Indsur Gears has manufactured a wide range of gears for Automotive, Industrial and commercial markets for a broad variety of applications. Indsur Gears is a Job-Shop custom gear manufacturer that specializes in the manufacture of short and long-run high quality precision gears, parts, and assemblies to customers' rigid specifications. With extensive in-house capabilities including gear shaping, thread milling, gear grinding, machining, thread grinding, gear shaving, assembly, and gear hobbing, Indsur Gears can meet or exceed your specific custom gear manufacturing requirements.

Our inspection department has some of the latest gear inspection equipment ensuring that quality is being met from start to finish.