What We do

Iron & Steel Castings

Indsur has a total capacity of over 100,000 Tons of Molten Metal. The product range varies and covers wide range of Iron products, Steel Products, Alloy Steel. With smallest castings size at 1 Kgs to biggest castings size at 150 Kgs, Indsur offers one of the widest range of castings for Power Transmission, Mining, cement, Railways, Oil & Gas, Valves, Automotive and Construction Equipment.

Indsur Operates out of 2 Facilities, 1 in Halol near Vadodara, India and other facility at Sudair Industrial City, Near Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia.

Please click on www.indsurglobal.com to visit our India foundry operations or Click on www.saudiindsur.com to visit our Saudi Arabia operations. For any specific requirement click on contact us and we will respond to your enquiry promptly.

Auto gear

Indsur Gears is custom gear manufacturing company that specializes in transmission gears, worm gears, spur gears, and helical gears. Since inception, Indsur Gears has manufactured a wide range of gears for Automotive, Industrial and commercial markets for a broad variety of applications. Indsur Gears is a Job-Shop custom gear manufacturer that specializes in the manufacture of short- and long-run high quality precision gears, parts, and assemblies to customers' rigid specifications. With extensive in-house capabilities including gear shaping, thread milling, gear grinding, machining, thread grinding, gear shaving, assembly, and gear hobbing, Indsur Gears can meet or exceed your specific custom gear manufacturing requirements.

Oil & Gas Pipes

Indsur has strategically positioned itself as one of leading suppliers of various types of Steel Pipes typically used for transportation of Natural Gas, Oil and Water. Our long standing relationship with leading suppliers of various Oil & Gas pipes has positioned us operating in North American, Latin American and Middle Eastern Markets. Indsur caters to the niche markets of almost all the emerging sectors like oil and gas refineries, petrochemicals, process industries, power plants and water distribution companies.


Indsur Group is venturing in Manufacturing of Forgings. The initial capacity of plant is kept at 15000 Tons Per Annum with all sorts of production infrastructure including Forging Presses, Hammers, Upset Forging, Heat Treatment and all sorts of Quality testing Equipment. The product focus will be a range of markets including Power Transmission Forgings, Automotive Forgings, and Oil & Gas Forgings.


Indsur Investment Inc, A US Company was conceived to make investments in small businesses. Typical target companies have Revenues of between $1 Mln - $5 Mln. These companies operate typically in North American market and are considered as Small Businesses. With Indsur's expertise to create operational efficiency and increase sales and profitability - It is a major area of focus for Indsur Investments. Indsur investment has a target to reach a consolidated sales of over $100 Mln in next 5 Years.